Thursday, March 16, 2017

You Might be From Minnesota If

I have lived in MANY states over the years, and for a total of about 13 year now I have been proud to call the great land of Minnesota my home.

So just for fun...

You Might Be From Minnesota If...

  1. You've ever had to stop your car to let the geese cross the road.
  2. You've ever gone 30 mph in a 70 mph zone because the roads were that bad.
  3. You know what "up North" means.
  4. You've switched from having the heat on to a/c and back again in the same day.
  5. You've seen a giant spoon with a cherry on top.
  6. You know to avoid the Mall of America after December 1st until the new year.
  7. You been to the lake that has the largest area of fresh water in the world.
  8. You live a couple of hours from Canada, but have never been there.
  9. You're mind has boggled at the number of fried foods the state fair produces.
  10. You've tried gator bites.
  11. You know Spring starts somewhere between March and June, depending on the year.
  12. You've been through a winter that has lasted more than 6 months.
  13. You've blown bubbles outside and have watched them crack open from the cold.
  14. You debate whether or not your child really needs a jacket for school that day when it's 35 degrees in the morning.
  15. You've been at the grocery store and had someone ask you if you want a "baehg" for your groceries. (They're saying "bag".)
  16. You've asked your neighbor to borrow food or a tool, and they bent over backwards to help you.
  17. You've had a neighbor help clear the snow off your driveway.
  18. You volunteer somewhere.
  19. You've had someone nearly stop to let you over while driving.
  20. Your choice of vehicle depends on how much snow you have to drive over to get to work.
  21. You've seen it snow while the sun is shining.
  22. You've hiked in a state park.
  23. You've seen more lakes than you could possibly keep track of.
  24. You see raccoon road kill on a regular basis.
  25. You have deer wander into your yard.
  26. You've had wild life from coyotes to bears near your house.
  27. You've seen a wide range of birds, and they've made a nest near your home.
  28. You can tell if that's ducks or geese flying in the sky.
  29. You've had recess canceled because the wind chill was -15.
  30. You've had school canceled because the wind chill was -60, and the buses couldn't run.
  31. You get a little edgy in February and March waiting for the world to warm up again.
  32. You've grilled outside in the winter.
  33. You don't understand why someone would wear a hat when it's 35 degrees and sunny.
  34. You know most of your neighbors by name, and say hi to them on a regular basis.
  35. You have more community activities to choose from than you can keep track of.
  36. Your kids have pretended to drive a tractor (or actually have).
  37. You know someone who owns a farm.
  38. You think Spring time in Minnesota is heaven on earth.
  39. You've been on vacation at the Wisconsin Dells.
  40. You've cheered on the Vikings, even if you don't care about football.
  41. You've sledded down a hill as an adult.
  42. You consider snow, and driving in it, no big deal.
  43. You have an enormous variety of quality international cuisine to choose from.
  44. Your local library has events for people who home school.
  45. You've considered homeschooling your kids.
  46. You rarely drive South of Minnesota, or further East than Wisconsin.
  47. You only have people visit you who are either immediate family, or people who live farther North than you do.
  48. You ask for tea and it comes hot.
  49. You have several generations of your family living near you.
  50. You frequently walk in the middle of the road in parking lots.
  51. You have a Target within 5 miles of your house.
  52. You offer your guests dessert 3 times before they accept.
  53. And of course, you call duck duck goose, duck duck grey duck.

I love this beautiful land, and it's great people. If you don't live hear I hope you get the chance to visit it someday!


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