Monday, January 18, 2016

Great Green Juice Recipes!!! How To Make Your Own

Today we are very fortunate to have a special guest blogger. Welcome to Garrick from the Philippines!

It’s the New Year and lots of resolutions are being made and I’m pretty sure that a majority of them has something to do with weight loss. 
There are a lot of ways to lose weight from straight up dieting to working out, but for me a more sustainable way of doing so is combining the two.

Based on my experience losing weight does not have to involve crash course diets which involve depriving your body of solid food for extended periods of time. A more sustainable solution involves radically changing what you eat. That involves removing greasy, fried, sugar rich foods from your diet and replacing them with healthy food choices.

One of the best ways of incorporating these healthy foods into your diet is through juicing. 
When done right juicing can help you fast track your weight loss goals by providing your body with nutrients it craves for. Another benefit of juicing is that it realigns your taste buds from craving for sugary sweet to craving for something more natural.
The biggest reason why a lot of pundits say that juicing is bad is because they fear that juicing feeds the body lots of sugar, which is a valid concern if you add a lot of fruit into recipes but what I’m going to share with you is something totally opposite of fruit based juice recipes. Let me introduce to you to the world of green juice.
These juice recipes contain mostly vegetables and low-sugar fruit like lemon or cucumber so the drinks that result are generally low in terms of the amount of fructose which is one of the main causes of weight gain.
In the infographic below you’ll see how to concoct your own green juice recipes by combining different types of ingredients I broke down into four different categories.
How To Juice
The first category is the juice base which is what every juice recipe should have. I’d recommend that you either should have cucumber or zucchini + lemon as these ingredients add to the content of juice because it has high water content plus it only contains very minimal amount of sugar so it is safe to add this without worrying about the negative effects of sugar.
On occasion to satisfy your sweet tooth you can use the carrot and apple combo but not everyday.
The second category is the main ingredient which is vegetables. You could add any of the suggested leafy green vegetables, or combine it with other vegetables like a celery or beet. These combinations have been tried and tested by myself and other experienced juicers.
The third category are the sweeteners, basically these ingredients add flavor to an otherwise unappealing concoction. Hey, being healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your drink. The important thing here is to limit the amount of fruit you will add, and follow the 80/20 principle or 20 percent of the ingredients in your juice recipe are fruit and the other 80 percent are vegetables.
The last category are optional add ins. If you’re feeling adventurous and want some heat in your recipes you can add a clove of garlic or thumb of ginger to it. Why not add some plant based protein like chia seeds or flax seeds to fill you up – the options are endless!
How to Make Green Juice

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve tried any of the combinations I’ve presented in the infograph. How do you like the taste? These are just the basic combinations, you can experiment your own once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Enjoy!

Guest Author: 
Garrick Dee, Founder of Juicing with G
Garrick started his blog Juicing with G after his mom gave him a juicer to encourage him to live a healthier lifestyle by eating right. 
He shares different recipes and other health topics in hopes of inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle by making the right choices. You can also follow him in social media through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
*For more of Garrick's story on what got him into juicing and how it's helped his health, check out this link on his site.


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