Monday, September 28, 2015


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been writing as faithfully on here, but I have not forgotten you, or my passion to share simple and healthy ways to eat and live better.

Our family is currently in a time of transition. After years of dreaming of living in the country we have found ourselves a little bit of it to call our own, and we're in the process of moving there. What a pain moving is. I think it's like giving birth, you forget how painful it is until you're going through it again. LOL

Nothing about the NaturalNats site will change as a result of this, just want you all to know I haven't dropped off of the internet planet.

I am learning during this process how much harder it really is for those of you who are constantly busy to find the time and energy to eat healthy.

With that I offer this small bit of advice.

Although you may be eating out more than you'd like to try to focus on small healthy choices.

When you are able to cook focus on buying quality ingredients like grass fed beef and butter, they really will make a big difference in your health!

Try to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to snack on and add to meals. I've found it extremely easy to eat "brown meals" when eating out. There is no color because there are no vegetables beyond a processed potato.

Cook up meat in larger amounts, then freeze the cooked meat so that future meals can be made faster.

I look forward to sharing some of the faster recipes I've come across with you very soon!

With joy in my heart for our journeys ahead,
Natalie  (ie NaturalNat)

PS. What are some of your favorite fast meals? I'd love to have you share by clicking on the pencil below and leaving a comment. :-)

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