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How to Make Your Drinking Water Safe Again

Food, shelter and water... our basic needs for living.

But what is in most of our water today? Chemicals, fertilizers, heavy metals, prescription drugs, chlorine, lead, and lots of other toxins! 

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These dangerous add ins to our water supply are not fully filtered out before they come in through our faucets. 

So what can we do to keep everything from chemicals to prescription drugs from wreaking havoc on our health?

Bottled water isn't the best choice. Bottled water can be either straight from a tap somewhere, or water that has been through reverse osmosis with some minerals added back in. 

Some bottle water is from mountain streams, which is definitely better than tap water, however most often it is pumped out of the ground causing water problems for surrounding communities.
Some commonly sold bottled waters are being sourced from California, which is a problem since they're having a severe water drought. Taking more of their water isn't the solution. 

Not to mention all of the plastic bottles filling land fills, and the oceans too.

The best water filter solutions that I've found are...

Reverse Osmosis

Blue 1Reverse osmosis is the best way to clean all the junk out of water. 

The major problems with it are that it's expensive to install, and that it also strips the trace minerals our bodies need out of the water.

An upside to a reverse osmosis system is it can be set up to filter all the water in your house.

If you are able to afford one of these great systems then please make sure to take supplemental trace minerals.

Berkey Filters

Berkey filters are the best rated filters that you can find. They aren't quite as thorough as reverse osmosis, but they do a really good job. You can even put lake water in them and have the water come out pure and safe to drink.

Berkeys can also come with an optional filter that filters out both fluoride and arsenic.
"With a Berkey water filter, you simply put the water into the top chamber and gravity pulls it through the media filters that capture bacteria, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, solvents, nitrates, nitrites, lead, mercury, chlorine, VOCs, and even fluoride. You can run practically any type of water through the unit and get fresh, pure drinking water as a result." (source)
This is the filter that Mike the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) uses, as well as what our family has been using for over 2 years now.  The water is delicious!

Berkeys can be purchased at several online sites, here is the main producer's site. I love that they make their test results available to the public. Those results can be found on their FAQ page here.

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They're only downside is that they do take up a little counter space.

Berkeys typically run about $300 to get started, but after the initial investment you only need to replace filters. The filters are good for filtering 6000 gallons of water, which for our family of 5 means we replace them every 2 years, paying $100 for 2 new filters. That's only $10 a year per person for water that is safe to drink and cook with!

Water Pitchers

The majority of water filters are close to useless. They can filter out chlorine, which is great, but they don't filter out much else.

Mike the Health Ranger tested 7 common water filters, which included Pur and Brita. Here are the elements that they tested for...
ZeroWater ZD-018 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System
Zero Water FIlter

* Aluminum
* Copper
* Arsenic
* Strontium
* Cadmium
* Cesium
* Mercury
* Lead
* Uranium
For more on how the water pitchers were tested, and for his 2 recommendations click here, and for the filter test results click here.

The basic Zero Water Filter costs only $30.

To avoid heavy metals, chemicals, and other health hazards, you have a variety of water filter choices based on what works best for you.

Happy water drinking!

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Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies or products mentioned in this article, and I do not receive any kind of compensation from any of them.


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Alexa Bartel said...

Reverse osmosis is pretty much the only way to be 100% sure that your water is safe. Just be sure to re-add the necessary minerals/etc that RO removes when it's removing all the nasty stuff you don't want.