Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Shred Chicken Fast and Easy

There are few parts of cooking that I really don't like to do (except the dishes). Touching raw meat is up there, but one task is even worse. Shredding chicken.

Shredding chicken by hand has been on my nemesis list for some time now. Taking two forks and pulling apart a cooked chunk of chicken is effective, but I hate the hand cramps afterwards.

I've so thankfully found a way to shred chicken that doesn't require my hand muscles (or the lack there of), to be cramped up.

Chunks of fully cooked chicken.

To make shredded chicken simply place fully cooked chicken breasts into the mixing bowl of a stand mixer that has a dough hook.

Turn the mixer on about a medium speed and watch the magic! In 2-3 minutes what had been chunks of chicken has become a nice amount of shredded chicken for your using.

Shredded chicken.

To make things even easier you can make a double batch and freeze the extra shredded chicken for a future recipe!

Happy eating!!!

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I learned this method from Blue Cricket Design, feel free to check them out here.

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