Friday, December 5, 2014

Do These 3 Things to Stay Healthier

Everyone gets sick. Everyone. 

Not what you expected to hear?

All humans get sick. The good news is that by taking care of ourselves we can greatly reduce the number of times we get sick, and can reduce the severity a of sickness. 

Our health almost completely comes down to the condition of our immune system.  

Not only does it determine whether or not we get a cold, but it also can determine whether we get a serious disease or illness as well.  For these reasons it's really important to keep you immune system healthy and strong at all times.

Reduce Stress

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We probably all need to work on stress management.  Stress causes inflammation which is a main cause of sickness and disease. 
Try deep breathing. It may sound a little silly if you aren't used to it, but it's very effective. 
Practice by focusing on each breathe. Breathe in slowly, and let it out slowly while trying to focus only on your breathing. Start out by doing this for a few minutes a day and try to build up to 20-30 minutes or so a day.  
You'll notice once you are used to doing this, and a situation that's stressful flares up, that by starting deep breathing your stress level will immediately drop. I've found this to be really helpful while driving in traffic.

Minimize Sugar

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All sugar is addictive. Literally addictive. We eat it and we want more, and more, and more. The only times I've gotten sick in the last 3 years have been after eating larger amounts of sugar than usual. Sugar weakens the immune system.
If you don't have the will power to just stop eating sugar try doing it more gradually.  You can eat natural sources of sugar such as dried fruit and fruit or coconut sugar. 
This homemade chocolate recipe is healthy and will also give a small sugar fix to meet your craving. If all else fails try doing this (if you aren't pregnant or breastfeeding) with papaya seeds. Every time I take the papaya seeds my strong sugar cravings are completely gone. Not totally sure how that works, but it really does.



I get tired just hearing about how we should be exercising all of the time, but the truth is we can't stay healthy without it. 
Exercise releases endorphins which are chemicals in our bodies that make us feel happier.
Try to find a way to get moving that you enjoy like dancing, tennis, walks, bike rides, scuba diving, yoga, or whatever it is that you enjoy, so that it's motivating to get started. Find something fun and go for it!

Eating and living healthy can still be fun and flavorful! 

Here's to a step towards a healthier life!

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