Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY Hand Salve

Like most years, there's still snow here on the ground in Minnesota, but we know Spring isn't far behind.

Soon we'll be done with the snow boots and bringing out the flip flops!  Yay!!!

This salve is a great help for dry winter hands, hands that are washed a lot, or getting your footsies ready for spring.  And the best thing about it is it's really easy to make!

Sweet Orange scented hand salve

Hand and Foot Salve

Bees wax- just slightly more than 1 tsp.
Coconut Oil- 1/4 cup
Essential Oil (optional for fragrance)- 8 drops

Use a small double boiler, or make one using a pot with a smaller pot inside of it, like I did.  Just make sure the smaller one can rest on the lip of the larger one without it falling in.  Put water in the bottom pan till it covers about 1/2 inch to and inch of the bottom of the smaller pan.

My double boiler, w/ melting bees wax and coconut oil.

Turn the heat to medium, then put the coconut oil and the bees wax into the small top pan.  Once they are melted completely then turn off the heat and stir in the drops of essential oil.

Pour the still warm mixture into 2 small or one large jar, and you're done!

You can easily make larger amounts of this recipe.  I prefer to make smaller amounts because such a tiny amount goes a long way on your skin.

This recipe makes 2 small jars worth of salve.

This mixture is so great because it holds moisture into your skin while preventing chapping.  It will quickly soften both hands and feet, and even triples as a moisturizing lip gloss!

For this batch of salve I used sweet orange essential oil, but peppermintlavender, or many others are great scent choices as well.

Happy Spring everyone!

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