Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Healing Diet Week 5- Getting Raw about Eating Raw

Many people have been asking how I'm doing on my healing diet.  In short I am both fine and totally overwhelmed at the same time.

I know that may sound weird but it is what it is.

I've been both totally fine for most moments of the day, and yet there is an almost constant under current of being overwhelmed with doing all this that pokes it's ugly head to the surface every few days.

The hardest and most surprising part for me is how mentally challenging it is to do all of this.  You really have to want it  in order to keep from giving up.  I have I aeen a lot of research and I know that although there are more natural substitutes for the thyroid medication I take, there is no other method that has shown true healing results.  How could I possibly ever quit when I am so close to finding out if I can truly be healed once and for all of hypothyroidism?  I can't.  Although there are days I want to.  Days that are long and hard.

Aside from the mental stress of just doing a mostly raw food diet, and having to keep making regular meals and feed 4 other people on top of that, there are the herbs.  I am so thankful for the herbs, and yet they are a thorn in my flesh.  I wake up every morning and cringe because I know I'm going to get up and after I swallow 2 pills that are medications, I will go into my kitchen and somehow down another 15 or so pills before I eat breakfast, followed by a nasty shot of liquid detox herbs.  That is followed by the same number at lunch, and nearly as many at dinner time.  I cringe deeply.  

But I do it, perhaps only by God's grace, as I've never been able to really swallow pills well.  I've choked on them, had them dissolve in my mouth because I couldn't swallow them, and worst of all had them get stuck in my throat to such a degree that they were there for hours dissolving away  so very, very slowly, with nothing able to dislodge them.  But thank God not this time.  I am deeply cringing, but I am getting much, much better at swallowing pills.  :)

The stress of being on a "diet" is insane to me.  I've never had to be on a diet before and am thankful for this experience because now I can understand the stress and suffering that people go through who diet to try and lose weight.  It really sucks!  I had no idea the stress that can result, or how ridiculously huge the cravings for something you "can't" have are.  It's really an eye opening experience.

What I have been focusing on over the last week has been stress management.  I'm usually a bit high on the stress scale and prefer to be doing something over relaxing, but this has been debilitating.  Stress causes your brain to function at a lower level, it's harder to think clearly and harder to remember things.  It also internally causes inflammation and causes the body to hold onto fat.  The inflammation part is very concerning as I know it can slow and impair healing of the body.  So I've had to try and balance things out a bit better.

The stress is also making me more fatigued.  I am so thankful that I can complete what I need to do each day, however doing anything at all extra can be exhausting.  I think as I get better as mentally managing the stress this will improve.

Balancing things out hasn't been the easiest thing to do.  Most of my stress has centered around not being able to eat "regular" food.  I talked with my herb counselor Tamara and she gave me to go ahead to eat grains and some chicken as needed.  That actually helps a lot, but it creates another stress to balance too.

If I eat only a raw food diet then I am on the fastest track possible for the healing of my body.  However if I start adding in other foods then it puts a greater burden on my body and slows down my healing.  Since the herbs I am paying for are pretty expensive I'd rather stick to the fast track.

Maybe you caught my dilemma in there.  Eat only raw foods and get well faster, also saving money on herbs in the long run, or add in other foods to reduce some of my stress in the short run.  Basically  I'm aiming for raw food, but working on relaxing on the days I need to add some others foods in.  Mental health is important as well.  

The other major event in this healing process I've dealt with surprised me greatly.  I'd heard testimonies of other people experiencing emotional healing from when past injuries occured and the herbs.  From what I've heard the herbs basically released all those old stored up emotions and brought emotional healing followed by the physical healing.  This was very evident in a woman I'd heard about who had been in a car accident many years earlier.  She first went through a dramatic 2 months of emotional healing followed by a complete healing of her old back injury.

I believe God has given us what we need to be healed, either by miracle or by herb.

Physically we have emotional receptors in our bodies that send signals back to the emotional area of our brains.  About half of all of our emotional receptors are lining the wall of our intestines.  Have you heard the term "gut feeling"?  Well we truly do have emotional responses that come from our guts.

Taking an educated guess here, the herbs pull toxins and junk out of our bodies through the lining of our intestines (among other areas).  It would then make sense if our bodies are able to store an emotion in the form of maybe a hormone (natural chemicals in our bodies), then having that old hormone or whatever pulled to the surface of our guts and having it reenter our blood stream would make it seem like it's a fresh emotion.

This is what, to my surprise, happened to me.  I had some stuffed down anger about some issues I should have talked out and didn't.  When the herbs really kicked in I felt like the emotions where being forcefully pushed to the surface and exploding out ward.  I had a bad two days and then I had a great calm in my emotions following that.  I had no forethought of doing this, nor any idea at the time of what was going on.  When it started I did take a guess that it was similar to what the lady with the back injury went through.  I was glad mine only took 2 days though, as her's took over 2 months.

I hope I'm not scaring anyone away from this healing regiment, but I would be lying to act like it's all roses.  It is really hard to go through all of this, and to think of doing all this for another 5 months or so.  But I still see it as absolutely worth it.  I feel like I am changing, not just physically but also mentally, and in a way that I am grateful for.  It's still a daily battle but I'm not planning on giving up.

All great journeys are usually hard ones, and always worth it in the end!

Natalie  ;)


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