Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healing Diet Week 4

My treat of cashews with some raw local honey!  
I started this raw veggie diet, with the intention of healing my thyroid, 4 weeks ago.  However,
I started the specialized herbs that go with it two weeks ago.

It has been a rough and interesting two weeks.  I hadn't expected the herbs to hit me as hard and fast as they did.  Had I given it more thought I wouldn't have started them at the what ended up being a terrible time schedule and help wise for me.

But here I am two weeks later.  Still eating mostly a raw veggie diet, with the occasional other type of food to maintain my sanity through it all.  It actually isn't that hard to eat a raw diet.  Fruit smoothie for breakfast, fruit for snack, vegetables for lunch, nuts as wanted and needed.  I've also taken to adding pumpkin seeds to my food because they contain a lot of iron (to replace what I would have gotten in the meat).

Dinner is still the hardest, as I'm making food for my husband and 3 kids.  So that's where I've allowed more give is in eating a little of whatever they're eating plus a big salad.

So the herbs.  I chose the more concentrated route to get all of this done with sooner (although sooner is still at least 6 months), and boy am I feeling it.

The first week I was especially tired.  Now I am in severe brain fog mode.  I'm surprised I can even write this.  I can usually multitask like crazy, going from one though to another very quickly.  Today I have to focus really hard to even stay on one train of though.  They're isn't a chance at all that I could multitask, my brain is just so foggy.

This is all normal and will pass as they detoxing progresses, which is good because I'm very eager to have my brain back.

That's all I can think to say for now.  LOL

:)  Natalie

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