Friday, January 10, 2014

All Natural Spray on Deodorant

Did you know the average person sweats 278 gallons a years?!  

Sweating is very good for us.  It cools our bodies down to help keep us from over heating, helps to flush out toxins to keep us healthier, and releases antibacterial substances that help fend off infections.  (source)

Arm pit odor is caused by apocrine glands releasing a fatty type of sweat directly into the glands' tubules. When we're stressed it causes the tubules to push sweat to the skin's surface.  On the skin surface the bacteria on the skin break down the "fatty sweat" and it produces an odor. (source)

To stay healthy we need to keep sweating, but we don't want to smell.  The solution is in the Vodka!  Vodka allows you to sweat, but also interrupts the "smell" cycle by killing off bacteria.

I love using all natural deodorants, all of the benefits of regular deodorant without the danger!  For more on what's wrong with regular deodorants check out this post.

This deodorant recipe is super simple, as it uses only 2-3 ingredients and can be made in about a minute. Sounds easy enough, right?

Vodka, and many essential oils, are antibacterial which is how they destroy odor before it starts.

Spray on Deodorant

2 oz.  of  Vodka
15 drops of Essential oil of your choice
1 glass measuring cup
1 small spray bottle

Pour 2 oz. of vodka into a glass measuring cup.  Mix 15 drops of essential oils of your choice into the vodka, then pour it into your spray bottle.  Shake it a little, then your done!
To use just apply 1-3 sprays under each armpit daily.

I spent about $2 on a cute glass spray bottle from my local health food store.  It has held up really well. They're also available online.

I suggest using one of these combinations of essential oils, or creating your own...

Citrus Blend: 8 drops of Lemon + 7 drops of Sweet Orange
Lovely Lavender: 15 drops of Lavender
Feminine: 9 drops of Lavender + 6 drops of Rosemary
Man Scent: 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils can be bought at local health food and Whole Food stores, but are often much cheaper online.  Mountain Rose is a good brand which can be found here.  I like Aura Cacia which I buy at a great price from Vitacost (usually $4-5 a bottle), and are found here.

If you've never purchased essential oils before don't let the seemingly small size foul you, there's a lot of drops of essential oil in each bottle.  Also they come with a built in dropper lid, so you literally just tip the bottle and count the drops as they come out.  Very easy!

Enjoy a mess free and all natural deodorant that keeps you smelling fresh and clean!

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