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The Healing Diet

"Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."  Hippocrates

Did you know that there's a way of eating that can heal disease? What!?  Yes, I said it. Heal. Disease.

In life there are those rare "ah ha!" moments that lead us onto a better path.  For me this came in the form of an interview on a 60 Minutes type show a few years back.

They were interviewing the principal of an alternative high school, and this interview changed my life.

Basically the school was were the kids who didn't behave were sent. The principal was sharing how she had decided to get rid off all the vending machines and junk from the school cafeteria.  She replaced all of the food with only healthy options.  Then, something miraculous happened.

From only having changed what the students ate while at school the students showed a drastic change.  They were much calmer, better behaved, were focusing better in class and doing better on tests.  It was amazing!

I doubt that when the principal set out to change the food being served she expected results like this.

When I saw this I thought "Wow, food has that much control over our bodies!?"  I couldn't believe the power of food to help or hurt us.

After having spent much of the last 4 years since then studying food and its effects on people, I'm no longer surprised but now deeply in love with, and passionate about, how food can help us.  My motto now is that "We control what we eat, but once we eat it it controls us".

With that desire to help in mind, I share with you the Healing Diet...

The healing diet has been put to the test for nearly a century now.  

This diet has healed people of migraines, ADD, auto immune disorders, skin tuberculosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, diabetes, yeast infections, skin diseases, asthma, chronic fatigue, relief from drug addiction, lack of energy, and many other health problems.  It's helped people who were sent home to die of cancer, and they recovered and are still alive and well today.

Simply put... this is a diet of eating only organic fruits and vegetables, and drinking freshly juiced raw fruits and vegetables until healing happens.  The vegetables and fruits are largely consumed raw, but are also eaten cooked.

Here are a few of the sources I've gained this information from...

The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Miracle is a documentary that follows patients who've recovered from cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, and many other conditions based on the work of Dr. Max Gerson.

Dr. Gerson wrote the book "A Cancer Therapy", revealing 50 cases of cancer that were healed by following his diet suggestions.

Dr. Gerson's daughter Charlotte now leads the Gerson Institute, and a hospital in Mexico where patients from around the world come for healing.

They're not legally allowed to treat cancer in this way in the USA, as only chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are permitted as hospital treatments.  There're now clinics opening around the world as the results from this type of healing therapy is becoming well known.

The movie is only a little dated in the sense that newer and easier to use juicers are now available, as well as good water filter systems like the Berkey that can filter chlorine, and an added filter that can filter fluoride and arsenic. Berkey also sells filters that are used to clean chlorine out of shower water.

The Gerson therapy includes special supplements like potassium, pancreatin, Acidoll enzymes, niacin, and omega 3 from organic flax seed oil or cod liver oil ingested raw and cold.

The movie reveals the unfortunate silencing of Dr. Max Gerson's work by the medical community.  The medical community is now almost completely funded by the pharmaceutical industry.  The pharmaceutical industry funds most medical institutes in the US, and therefore determine what doctors are taught.  There isn't much money to be made in selling fruits and vegetables compared to cancer drugs.

The movie The Gerson Miracle is available on Netflix, or for free here.

A similar movie, that is also available on Netflix, which puts the Gerson theory to the test is called "Dying to Have Known".

ADD booklet

A friend of mine shared a booklet with me that showed a doctor having successfully treated most cases of ADD and hyperactivity through this type of clean diet and natural therapies that have been very successful.

If you'd like more information on this the booklet it's called "A.D.D. The Natural Approach" by Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper.  It can be purchased here for only $4 including shipping.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

This is one of my kids favorite documentaries.  The main character is a guy named Joe who is from Australia and comes to America determined to eat/ drink ONLY juiced fruits and vegetables for 60 days!

In that time he lost a large amount of weight , and while being followed by a doctor and nutritionist was proven to be healed from his auto immune disease and was soon after taken off all of his medications (he had been on high doses of it).

During the movie he also helps a woman complete a 10 day cleanse.  She had regularly suffered from severe migraines and just felt bad.  The 10 day cleanse gave her body a "reboot" and also ended her migraines.

Another man lost over 6 bowling balls worth of weight, and stopped feeling depressed, and has gone off his medication (with doctor supervision).

For more help on "rebooting" the movie has a follow up website to help you  here.  There are lots of recipes and juice recipes, along with different lengths of plans to try the juicing.  They also have a Facebook page with continous testimonies from people who've tried it.  I personally did a 5 day juice cleanse that left me feeling amazing.  You can get info on that here.

This movie is available on Netflix, or watch it for free here.

The Anti Cancer

The book "The Anti Cancer" by David Servan- Schreiber MD, PhD has been a best seller, and I can easily see why.  It's very easy to read and stay with, except for a small part in the middle where he gets a bit technical so I skimmed it.  
The book is written by a man who is a doctor that was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He began studying how people best survived, and were healed, from cancer.  

He found that when a diet of largely raw, organic fruits and vegetables was eaten, along with the patient doing regular exercise and meditation (or taking time to rest the mind and be peaceful), then their survival rates dramatically increased.

I really loved reading this book!  If you have cancer, or are looking to avoid it, I would watch The Gerson Miracle and read this book!

To Maximize Healing:

This diet has shown to be largely successful when other treatments aren't being used, as treatments like chemotherapy and radiation also harm the body.
 However, it can also be used along with treatments that are believed to be necessary.

Eliminating as many toxins that go on and in the body is also very helpful, because every toxin that gets into us makes it harder for our bodies to heal.  Natural hygiene products and cleaning products are highly recommended for anyone wanting optimum health.

Red Coffee Mug 1
Detoxing the body on a regular basis is also recommended, as toxins regularly assault our bodies.  In 1940 the incidents of cancer was 1 in 16.  Today it is 1 in 2.

One of the common detox methods, recommended by the Gerson therapy, is to do organic coffee enigmas.   This stimulates the bile ducts and liver to release and dump free radicals and other toxins from the body.

So why does this diet work?

From what I've studied about food the fact that the diet heals actually makes a great deal of sense.  It does triple duty for healing the body.

First of all, by not consuming other foods the body is not burdened by foods that are hard to digest and lack enzymes.  These foods that pollute the body, such as processed foods, sugar and alcohol are removed, so the burden from having to processes and detox from them isn't necessary.  Meat, grains, and dairy also usually lack enzymes and are harder for the body to digest.

Secondly, the raw fruits and vegetables consumed still have the enzymes in them that allow for their digestion. When food is heated the enzymes are destroyed.  This then puts a greater burden on the body to produce these enzymes, which means more work for the parts of our body that should be detoxing it instead.

Thirdly, a large amount of foods consumed with this diet can be consumed by drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.  Juicing them concentrates the nutrients and is like giving your body a straight shot of vitamins and other nutrients we need to stay healthy.  Fiber is good for you, but it also slows down and limits your bodies ability to absorb the nutrients.  Juicing removes most of the fiber.

The common thread through these diets is getting rid of all junk foods, and largely foods that are hard to digest (such as meat, dairy and grains) and eating and drinking raw fruits and vegetables.  This type of diet unburdens the body, and gives it the nutrients it needs to heal itself.

So what should we eat?

If you're looking for ways to stay healthy...
Fried MeatI recommend eating lots of raw, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as including juiced fruits and vegetables.

Eating cooked vegetables is also very beneficial.  Infants and the elderly often have trouble digesting a lot of vegetables raw, and require them cooked.

Small amounts of quality grains (such as organic quinoa and sprouted grains); organic dairy (preferably raw); very small amounts of organic and pastured eggs and meat, such as grass fed beef  (3-4 times a week at most, once for beef); wild caught fish; seeds and nuts; as well as beans and lentils (that have been properly soaked for 1-2 days before cooking).

For some healthy recipe ideas Reboot with Joe has some great ones here.
Another great site with full FREE weekly menus can be found at  She's a mother of 5 so they're pretty realistic and healthy.

The mental and physical benefits of eating a largely junk free diet are amazing.  If you follow these recommendations you're very likely to live healthier and happier!

I hope that you've found this information helpful.  If you know of someone who would benefit from it, then please consider sharing this article with them!

I wish you a lifetime filled with good health!   

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Disclaimer:  The above information is shared for educational purposes only, and is not meant to diagnose, or treat.  Even if this type of diet is followed there is still no guarantee of being healed, however the success rates seems pretty high.

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