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The Creepy Common Problem, That Could be Sabotaging Your Health

It's house cleaning time, and I'm not talking about the house you live in, but rather what's living in you as it's house!

Millions of Americans are walking around everyday being the living host to a parasite.  This problem isn't limited to developing nations.

The exact number is hard to say because most people have no idea that they have a parasite in them.  From what I've researched the number of Americans with a parasite living in them ranges from 1 in 6, to as much as 85% of people. 

These disgusting creatures arrive in our bodies from a variety of methods including:

Photo by RPT Andy
*Not a real hook worm. I thought the real thing would
give some people nightmares, but you get the idea.

  • Transmission from improper hand washing, or contact with others
  • Food that isn't clean, or properly cooked 
  • From pets
  • From insects
  • From contaminated water

According to the CDC "A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. Parasites can cause disease in humans. Some parasitic diseases are easily treated and some are not." (source)

"The Human body is one of the places where parasites breed. They can invade all parts of the body, even the brain. They eat the calcium linings of the bone, the protein coating on the nerves, the tissues in the colon--even block the colon-mainly where the eggs are hatched. If the colon is not kept clean, the eggs will continue to hatch because of the filth.

They eat the nutrients from your food and you get the leftovers! They destroy cells in the body faster than cells can be regenerated. They can produce toxins in the body and even exhaust the immune system. They lay Thousands of eggs every few minutes. If they are continually shoveled in with the foods you eat, they keep multiplying, and if not eliminated from the body, they can eventually destroy vital tissues and organism and even cause death." (source)

                                       The signs of parasites in the human body    

itchy ears, nose, anus
men: sexual dysfunction
slow reflexes
gas bloating
unclear thinking
loss of appetite
yellowish face
fast heartbeat
heart pain
pain in the navel
eat more than normal, still feel hungry
blurry or unclear vision
pain in the back, thighs, shoulders
numb hands
burning sensation in the stomach
women: problems with menstrual cycle
drooling while sleeping
damp lips at night
dry lips during the day
grinding teeth while asleep
bed wetting
sinus condition
bloody stools
skin conditions
sugar cravings
bad breath
ringing in the ear
difficulty in breathing
dark circles under the eye

So how do you know if you personally have a parasite problem?  That can be hard to have diagnosed because the symptoms from having a parasite in you overlap with so many other conditions.  

Given the numbers you're probably just better off presuming you do and taking the steps to "clean your house out".

To be honest I was very doubtful at first that parasites were that much of a problem, and especially sure that no one I knew had one.  I've since changed my mind on that one.

A family that I know, both the dad and older son, did an herbal cleanse.  This is an upper middle class family, they eat well, and are extremely clean people.  After a couple of weeks on the cleansing herbs the father and son each pooped out parasites large enough to be seen.  (Oh my gosh!)

But still my family couldn't possibly have any issues, right?  I'm a border line clean freak who sanitizes my kids hands as soon as we get in the car from leaving anywhere.  I'm ridiculously meticulous about how I handle raw meat and eggs.  So we should be fine, right?

Well after learning the signs of a type of parasite called pin worms (itchy butt only at night and upon waking, because that's when the pin worms come out to lay their eggs before going back in), I noticed a member of my family showing those signs.  I've also come to learn that among school age children pin worms are very common and easily passed around by lots of poorly washed little hands.

After doing some research I learned that parasites don't like whatever is in papaya seeds.  So I bought a papaya (for GMO free make sure it isn't from Hawaii) and took all of the seeds out.  Have you ever tasted a papaya seed?  They are really nasty!  But I was determined.

To make the seeds more edible I've come up with a few ideas.  First of all I freeze them in a small glass jar, as this seems to mute the flavor a bit, and they are readily available any time you need them.  The other trick I use is to either take a bite (make sure the seeds get chewed up) and quickly wash it down with some juice. Or I put a peeled orange in the blender and blend it up with a big spoonful of the seeds and then drink it.  Still slightly rough to taste, but better and doable.

So here's what's worked for us... 

Sugar Cubes On WhiteWe usually go off of all sources of sugar the day before (parasites love sugar), the days you are taking the papaya seeds, and the day after.    We usually do two days of seeds, but more may be necessary.

For the amount of papaya seeds we do a regular spoon heaping full one time in the morning, then again in the evening or on the following day.  This is taken at a time when other foods (except the orange) so that other foods don't impair the seeds.

We've used this method 4 times in our home now, and it has shown to be very effective.  

*In the case of a parasite that comes out of the body at night, all effected clothing and bedding should be washed.  I've even vacuumed my mattress with a HEPA filter vacuum.

Just recently I ate some papaya seeds as a just in case.  I'd been feeling very run down and tired and was trying a few things out to see if I could get my body back up again.  

I'd been having very intense sugar cravings for a couple weeks, which I didn't think anything of.  So I did the seeds for two days (mixed with the orange, and I wasn't perfect about the no sugar part).  On the second day I notice the feeling of severe "brain fog", which from past experience told me that the seeds were in fact doing something that needed doing in my body.  

After the second day my sugar craving were completely gone.  No. More. Sugar. Cravings.  Isn't that weird? It wasn't a hormone thing either.   I couldn't believe how intensely I'd been craving sugar, and without even going off it during the papaya seed time the cravings went away!  Something got dealt with in there.  Oh, and my energy is now better too.  

Another symptom I've since realized I had was that I'd been very overly emotional, which stopped after the papaya seeds.  About 50% of our emotional receptors for our brain are located in our guts.  

To keep the little suckers from coming back, here are some basic prevention tips...
Keep your colon clean.  This can be done by eating more vegetables than meat, and by doing colon cleanses.  Raw, clean vegetables are especially helpful.  Juice cleanses are also of benefit.

Regular hand washing.

Eating a reduced amount of sugar, as parasites love the sugar party.

Buying organic meat, which in studies has shown to be of safer quality.

Eat coconut oil.

All parasites probably aren't going to be dealt with by eating papaya seeds, however it is a cheap and easy place to start.  

If you think you have a serious parasite problem consult a medical professional.  

If you'd like to know more about the herbal methods that the family I mentioned used, then you can contact Tamara at Trevor's Love and tell her NaturalNats sent you.  (I get no monetary compensations from Trevor's Love). Tamara offers paid consultations and can walk you through the process of different types of herbal detoxes.

Happy house cleaning!!!
Disclaimer:  This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.  For a diagnosis contact a doctor.  If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have an illness check to see if papaya seeds are safe for you before trying them.

*Updated 1/3/13.

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