Thursday, September 12, 2013

Zucchini Alfredo

Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian
It's zucchini season again, and there are tons of ways to season and combine this very versatile veggie.

With 28% protein and no fat, as well as vitamins C and A, you can eat all that you want guilt free!

The zucchini is left raw in this recipe because raw veggies are crazy good for you.  There are these things called enzymes in food.  The enzymes job is to break down food and make is digestible.

When food is cooked enzymes are destroyed by heat.  The body then has to make the enzymes to digest the food, which adds extra wear on the body.  When food is left raw the enzymes are available, and more of the vitamins are left intact.

So here's a really fun new recipe to try.  It's surprising in it's tastiness and newness of flavor combining...

Zucchini Alfredo

The "noodles" are very easy to make.  Take one medium to large zucchini.  If you have a noodle maker you can run the zucchini through that, but most of us don't own a noodle maker.  

Just take a mandolin or vegetable peeler (potato peeler) and use it to cut off slices of the zucchini.  Rotate the zucchini as you go to avoid the seeds.

Once the zucchini has been sliced, take a knife and cut the slices into length long "noodle" slices.

Then take a jar of alfredo sauce and warm it up.  If you'd like some extra flavor and nutrition, before adding the sauce to the pan, saute some chopped up onions and garlic in butter, then when the onion is soft add the sauce in.  I like Trader Joe's version as it has no trans fats or GMO's, and it's tasty.

When the sauce is warm serve it over the zucchini "noodles" and enjoy!

Sorry I forgot to take the picture until we were almost
done eating.  LOL

To be totally honest I really wasn't sure anyone in my family would like this.  However, after trying a raw zucchini "noodle" I actually found it to be just slightly sweet (zucchini has a small amount of natural sugar in it).  

Paired with the creamy alfredo sauce it was really good.  My hubby actually had a second helping of it!  

I found it a bit on the light side, so it's probably best served as a lunch or light dinner.  It really is worth a try to make it.  

Happy eating!!!

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