Saturday, August 31, 2013

Great Ideas for School (and Work) Lunches

You know that brain paralyzing feeling that hits you when you realize you have to think up ideas for kids lunch boxes again?  I do!  And I bet many of you do too.

So here's our life line of help.  Articles that share both ways to make and keep those school lunches healthier, as well as LOTS of ideas for lunches!

To keep from getting over whelmed by all the ideas you may want to write out the ones you want to make, or if your child is old enough they could make a meal plan for themselves.  :)

Holistic Squid
25 Healthy School Lunch Ideas - Holistic Squid

24 Ways to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Modern Alternative Kitchen

8 Ideas to Give Your Packed Lunches a Healthy Make Over

Don't Mess with Mama

10 Gluten Free Lunch Box Ideas

healthy lunch ideas for kids

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

I hope you enjoy these resources to help you as the year gets started, and to keep you going all year long.

What are some of your favorite lunch ideas?

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