Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Snack and Treat Ideas for Summer

Beach PicnicAhhh... the semi lazy days of summer are finally here, and with that comes hungry kids, and grown ups, looking for some extra food fuel.

With a need for refreshing treats and on the go snacks, here are some healthy options that are sure to please.

What's more refreshing on a hot day that a delicious cold drink?


Photo by Katie at Riddlelove

Blended frozen fruits and juice.


All of these smoothies should make equally great tasting popsicles to cool you down.

Just remember when making them that anything frozen tastes less intense, so you may want to sweeten it up a little by adding a small amount of raw honey or a pitted date to the mix.

Kids love to eat food that's colorful, and given that they're only make from melons and honey, let them eat up!


Photo from Heather at Mommypotamus

Seeds and Nuts
Seeds and nuts are a crazy great source of nutrients that our bodies need.  They're great by themselves, or easily added into trail mix and other goodies.
Nuts Close up

Healthy Snacks Kids
Photo Courtesy of Heather at Mommypotamus

Sweet Treats...

Photo from www.rebootwithjoe.com

Photo from www.thecoconutmama.com

Enjoy these power houses of nutrition, that are all super tasty.  Now go enjoy summer!  

Kids chase a bubble at a family picnic.Park Kids 5
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