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The Soda That's Not Bad

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Of all the places you'd expect to find a soda endorsement, a healthy eating blog probably isn't one of them.  And yet here I am endorsing one (not on any paid basis though).

Not quite as natural hubby is still ever so hooked on sodas, particularly caffeinated ones, as his job is demanding in that way.  I have cringed deeply the times I've bought soda for him from the store, all from knowing what was in those drinks that I was now giving him.  Feelings of guilt... yes.  But what other choice did I have, right?

And here we have our main attraction.  A brand new kind of soda coming to the local grocery stores and health food store near you.  One that has been created by those with consciences that are deeply aware of what the ingredients in that soda are going to do to your body.

The soda is called Zevia, and although I wouldn't go as far as calling it healthy, there really doesn't seem to be much of anything unhealthy about it.  The 5 caffeinated flavors being the exception, as caffeine is never healthy, but in moderate amounts is fine for most people.

What makes Zevia so special is that it is sweetened almost entirely with Stevia (and a very small amount of erythritol), which is a plant extract that sweetens food and drinks, and is also healthy for you.  Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener, has no effect on blood sugar levels, and doesn't cause tooth decay.  Those three points alone are pretty awesome.

All other sweeteners used in other sodas are from either genetically modified sugar sources, (sugar beets, high fructose corn syrup), or artificial sweeteners like aspartame which has been found to create moderate to severe health problems for many people.  Zevia is GMO free!

About a year ago Coke got nagged until they decided to change their "caramel" coloring ingredient to a more natural one, because the artificial caramel coloring was reported as being cancer causing.  All the more reason to go all natural.  Every ingredient in Zevia is totally naturally derived.  No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, whatevers.  Nothing.

The cans that sodas are put into contain BPA as a preservative.  Zevia does add a little to their cans to preserve the product, however the level is 2000 times lower than what's appoved by the FDA.

For those with additional concerns the soda is also kosher certified, vegan, gluten free, MSG free, and phosphoric acid free (for those on dialysis).

On to the fun part now... the Flavors!  

Dr. Zevia - 42mg caffeine
Cola - 45mg caffeine
Cherry Cola - 38mg caffeine
Mountain Zevia - 55mg caffeine
Lime Cola - 38mg caffeine
Grapefruit Citrus
Ginger Ale
Caffeine free Cola
Black Cherry
Cream Soda
Lemon Lime Twist
Ginger Root Beer

I've only tried the Zevia Cola so far, and it tasted like diet soda, however I can't speak for the other flavors.  When I do want a soda now and then Zevia will be my first choice because it's much healthier than any other kind of soda out there.

Many stores are starting to carry Zevia, including some Whole Foods and Targets, and Valley Natural carries them.  To find a store near you click on the link here.  If you don't see your local store listed, or if they don't carry the flavor you are wanting, here's a letter of request you can give to the store.

Want a coupon?  Click here for that.

Happy drinking!  :)


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