Thursday, March 7, 2013

Orange Coconut Muffins

During the last year I've been learning how to cook for my newly found out gluten intolerant 2 year old.  Most of the changes have been easy thanks to products like gluten free bread, and brown rice noodles.

The breakfast area has been a little bit more of a struggle for me.  Thankfully Katie at Riddlelove is an amazing woman who loves to share her recipes.

Here is a gluten free Orange Muffin recipe that is sure to please even the most picky eaters.

The only slight change I'd make is to maybe put a little less sugar in next time.  I love sweets, but not for breakfast.  I'd go with half to 2/3 of what she recommended, personally.

I only had cutie oranges on hand so I used 3 of those.  After washing the peel of one of the with fruit and veggie wash I then used it instead of the zest (since I don't own anything that zests).  My kids helped break the one peel up into tiny pieces and put it in the blender.  I then added the milk and blended for about 45 seconds till the peel wash finely chopped.

From there you just dump the rest of the ingredients and and blend again for about a minute, pour into muffin tins, bake, and your done!  The first time I made these I forgot to add the flour.  I don't recommend that as they taste like orange flavored eggs.

I like serving anything pancake like with some organic vanilla yogurt for protein, and it tastes good!

I love easy peasy recipes.  :)

Here's the recipe link.

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