Monday, February 4, 2013

I've Gone Completely Nuts... Soap Nuts!!!

This may be the king of all natural, all in one cleaning products.  Recently I discovered the soap nut, and all of its amazing benefits!

A few weeks ago I purchased some soap nuts, determined to see if something so funny as a "nut" could actually wash laundry.  Since I recently got an HE washing machine, I've been looking for a soap that wasn't toxic and is HE friendly.

Here enters the soap berry, also called a soap nut.  The soap berry has the seed removed, and is dried.  When added to warm water it releases a substance like soap.
Very simply, the soap nuts act the same as chemical detergents - but are completely natural! It is technically incorrect to refer to Soap Nuts as soap given that they contain no glycerin. True soap does.
Interestingly however, soap nuts also act as a natural fabric softener, reducing the need for softening additives and dryer sheets.  (source)

I was using Tide, and cringing every time I turned on the washing machine.  When 70% of what goes on our skin gets absorbed into it, it's important to be careful with what we have sitting on our skin all day and night.

Not only are they a completely natural, chemical free laundry soap, but they can also be used for so much more.  They can be boiled down into a liquid, or make into a powdered soap.

  • For Household Cleaning: Pour soap nuts liquid into a spray bottle. Use full strength or dilute as desired. Use for sinks, counters, floors, etc.
  • For Windows and Glass: Fill a spray bottle with about 8 oz of water. Add a half-ounce of soap nuts liquid and a half-ounce of vinegar. Spray and then wipe clean with dry cloth.
  • For Dishwashers: Fill the dishwasher soap dispenser with soap nuts liquid. Wash as usual. Tip: For extra sparkle, add a half-ounce of vinegar to the rinse dispenser or during the rinse cycle.
  • For Hand Wash: Add about 2 tbs of soap nuts liquid to wash water and stir, or make a tea with your soap nuts muslin bag. Simply hand wash as usual.
  • For Steam Cleaning Carpets: Soap nuts work exceptionally well in carpet cleaners because they are so low sudsing and odor reducing. Add about a quarter cup of soap nut liquid to hot water in the portable cleaner. Great for urine stains!
  • For Jewelry: Soak jewelry in soap nuts liquid for a few minutes. Use an old soft toothbrush to remove debris. Rinse with clean water and polish with a soft cloth. Soap nuts have been used as a fantastic jewelry cleaner for eons. There's no need for harsh, toxic chemicals!
  • For Pets: Same as above. Superb for pets! Your little loved ones will never feel and smell this fresh again! They'll appreciate it, too!
  • For Shampoo: Use soap nuts liquid to shampoo hair. Leave in for about 5 minutes. Rinse as usual with warm water. If you prefer more suds, add a little your favorite shampoo. We know it's hard not to want more suds.  (source)

Forget Front Line for pets, soap nuts also have the amazing ability to keep fleas and mosquitoes off of dogs and other pets.  (source)  I love this idea since touching a pet covered in chemicals is really not my cup of tea.

wasing machineIf you are wondering how well the soap nuts actually work, well... I love them!  So far I can't see any difference between clothes washed in Tide and dried with dryer sheets, and our clothes washed in soap nuts.  They are both clean and soft.  Just don't over load the washing machine and they should work great!

To purchase them I got the NutraOli brand on Amazon.  I bought the large 4 lb. bag because it also came with 4 small bags to put the nuts in when in the washer.  The 4 lbs. of them is supposed to last for about 360 loads of laundry.

So if you are looking for a chemical free, hypo-allergenic, and environmentally friendly cleaner, give soap nuts a try!

Enjoy better health through a healthy product!


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