Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 Posts of 2012

I have greatly appreciated the privilege of being allowed to speak into your lives over the last 6 months.  

Here are what you have picked as the top 10 posts of 2012...

Sorts through the confussion over what really is healthier, margarine or butter, as well as sharing about many other oils and their benefits and concerns.

9.  Homemade Mounds Bars

Oh did these come out yummy!  I loved making these, and my family loved eating them!

8.  What are Your Cleaning Products Doing?

This article shared some shocking results about whether "green" cleaning products are really safe, as well as sharing what risks and benefits different products offer.

7.  The Flu Shot, and Ways to Stay Healthy

Have you ever wondered if it's worth getting a flu shot?  Here is some thought provoking information, and a lot of tips of how to stay healthy this winter.

6.  Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Sanitizer

I recently read that 70% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.  This has shown to be true through blood tests.  So what about all that hand sanitizer, and what are the safer alternatives to it?

5.  Dr. Bronner's Soap is Making Life Simpler

This article discusses a safe and quality soap, that is also readily available in many stores.  There are tons of great uses for this one soap.


4.  Why You Should Care About BPA

Oh BPA, how I wish you'd just go away.  But since it hasn't you should know why there is such concern over it, where you can find it, and how to avoid it to stay healthier.

3.  The Best Spray in the World

I think I have literally told everyone I know about this great spray.  I love this stuff because it's healthy, cheap and easy to make, and cleans just about everything and it's cousin.  :)

Dunkin Donuts 0004

2.  5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer

This is my favorite article because it focuses on such an important issue we all are facing in some way.  There are ways to reduce our risk of what causes cancer.  Here are a few ideas to help get you started...

Southwestern Rice and Bean Salad Recipe

1.  Rice Gone Wild, Recipes You'll Love to Eat!

I've got to admit I think it's funny that, by far, this was the most read article.  It is a very good recipe!  LOL


So what would you like to hear more about in 2013?  

Recipes, natural beauty, natural cancer treatments, exercise, water purifiers, how to lose weight, etc.?  

What interests you?  I'm all ears... :)  

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