Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 3 Meal Plan Shopping List

Welcome to week 3, where a lot more delicious and filling recipes await you!  If you are just joining the meal plans it would be helpful to read 4 Weeks on a Food Stamp Budget before you continue.  

Important to know- None of these prices are sale prices.  The cost of fresh fruit has already been included in the grocery grand total, but you will need to add your fruit choices onto the shopping list.  Milk is largely optional, but is added onto each list, with 1 8oz. cup per day, per person, plus a little extra for recipes.  

The food can largely be purchased anywhere, but I like Trader Joe's for its prices and quality of food.  The amount of food needed for each week is continued from the previous weeks, so if you aren't going to do them in order you just need to look at the menus to see what you will need for the week. Enjoy!  

Week #3

Trader Joe’s
1- 5 lb. Whole Chicken, organic $2.99/lb.=$14.95
1- 5 lb. bag Russet Potatoes, organic  $3.99
4- bags Carrots, organic  $0.89 each
2 Packs of Celery, organic  $1.79 each
3 dozen Eggs (Trader Joe’s cage-free)  $2.69 each
Vanilla Yogurt, 32oz. organic  $3.49
Pancake mix $3.14
1- 2 pack Cucumbers organic  $3.49
32oz. Shredded Mozzarella (or at Target)  $3.99
7 Bananas (or at Target)  $0.19 each
1.5 lbs. Chicken thighs, organic  $4.99/lb= $7.49
Peas- frozen, organic  $1.99
Strawberries- frozen, organic  $3.49
Sour cream, organic  $2.69
Cheese- raw milk cheddar   about $3/ chunk
French Fries, skin on- Trader Joe’s  $1.99
3 loaves Ezekiel Bread  $3.99 each
Fresh Fruit
Butter- Kerry Gold (from grass-fed cows)  $3.99
Ketchup, organic  $1.99
= $88.19
3 gallons of cow Milk (already added in at the end)

1 Jar Spaghetti Sauce, organic (half jar for pizzas- freeze extra)  $2.49
1 pack Pepperoni slices or veggies for Pizzas  $3
Salad- extra-large container, organic mix  $6.99
Dried White Beans  $1.49
1 Bunch of Kale  $0.99
11oz. packet Tuna Fish  about $3.49
Wheat hamburger buns  $1.99
3 lb. Ground Beef- grass fed, organic Thousand Hills brand (or at Target) –freeze 2 $6.49 each
Fresh Fruit
5 lbs. All Purpose Flour, organic  about $2.99
BBQ Sauce  about $2.50
Kidney Beans, dried  $1.49
Corn Bread mix  $1.27
1- 6 pack of organic raisins  $1.79
Black Beans, dried  $1.49
= $51.44
Bread machine yeast?  $3.99

Fresh Fruit Choices:  ($17.50 per week to spend)
1- 3lb. bag of Cutie Oranges (about 24 small oranges- eaten 2 at a time)- Target  $6.59 -$0.55 per serving
1- 3lb. bag of Organic Apples (about 9 apples)- Target  $5.49  -$0.61 per serving 
1- 2 lb. bag of Organic Pears (about 7 pears)- Trader Joe's  $2.49  -$0.36 per serving
7 Bananas- Target or Trader Joe's  $0.57lb.  about $0.19 per serving
Organic Strawberries 1 lb.- TJ’s or Target  $3.49  about $0.69 per serving
Organic Grapes 1 lb.- TJ's or Target  $2.99   about $0.38 per serving

*If there is extra avocado or peppers they make a great add on to lunch.
*To cook the frozen vegetables you can either put them straight into a pot with water, then heat on the stove top, or add a steam basket into the pot for more even cooking.  Just make sure you add water up to the bottom of the basket, or you may end up burning the bottom of your pan, like I've done a few times.  :P

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