Friday, November 2, 2012

Natural Skin Care for Acne

happy girl 1If you asked my neighbors and friends what one word describes me, I am sure lazy wouldn't be one of them.  However there are a couple of areas that I do actually get a bit lazy in, and skin care is definitely one of them.

When it's the end of a day and I'm tired I don't care to put much effort into my skin.  I'm totally guilty of washing my face with hand soap on many, ok most, nights.

Most hand soaps are anti-bacterial, which can cause the look of premature aging.  I'm at least using Dr Bronner's now, which isn't anti-bacterial, so that's a step up, right?

As someone who is in my 30's and still deals with acne I had pretty much given up on trying.  I feel like I've done everything from making my skin peel with harsh chemicals from a dermatologist, to all sorts of store bought products.  I gave up because the results were always the same.  Little to no long term difference, and who wants their skin peeling off their face any how?

In a moment of being willing to try something new, I did something I considered completely crazy.  I put a treatment of pure oil on my face.  Oil of all things!  I heard of this idea through Robin at Thank Your  You just use a combination of olive oil and castor oil, massage it into your face (avoiding the eye area), then put a warm wash cloth over your face for about 20 seconds, and gently wipe clean.

The results... My acne went away after only a couple of days!  It even took care of the stubborn acne on my neck, that only went away during my juice cleanse.  After the first few days I didn't need to do the treatment very often to keep my skin radiant looking.  For more details on the deep oil treatment, check out Robin's site.

Another great treatment I had been hearing about for a long time, but hadn't tried until now, is baking soda.  For this I mixed about 1 tsp. or so of aluminum-free baking soda with a tiny amount of water, till it made a very runny paste.  I applied it in a thin layer all over my face and neck, excluding the eye area (will make eyes burn!).  After about 10-15 minutes I washed it off.  The results?  Healthier looking skin, with smaller pores, and softer to the touch.  I'll take it.

Other factors, like stress and food, can also play a role in how our skin looks.  For more on the food aspect, and some other awesome natural skin care tips, here's a great article by Carolanne Wright from Natural News.

I'm still not great about my skin care, but at least I can now keep some motivation up by using natural products that really work.  My skin has been looking so much better lately that I haven't worn any make-up on my skin except blush.  Love it!!!

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