Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Flu Shot, and Ways to Stay Healthy

As I have been learning more lately about vaccines, I have decided not to get the flu shot this year.  The annual shot has an effective rate of protecting 1.5 in 100 people, and has last years virus in it.  Unfortunately that means that whatever the new strain of the flu is, that the flu has morphed into this year, you aren't protected from by that shot in the arm or sniff up the nose you have been getting.

While we are on that sniff up the nose, the new version of the flu shot... Per my conversation with my doctor, the shot with the needle contains the dead virus, while the sniff up the nose contains the live virus.  Many people that I talked with last year told me of their flu like symptoms in them, and their children, after receiving the nasal dose of flu shot.  Something to consider.

At the same time I don't want to leave my family vulnerable to getting sick.  Top 20 Ways to Boost Your Immunity to Colds and Flu Without Using Vaccines is a great article by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, that presents a lot of alternatives to keeping healthy (and none of them involve needles :).

This is not medical advice, nor is it meant to be blanket advice for everyone.  It is simply a sharing of opinions.

Here's to staying healthy!


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