Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rice Gone Wild- Recipes You'll Love to Eat!

Southwestern Rice and Bean Salad Recipe
Photo from Taste of
This recipe takes rice and beans to a whole new level.  I loved eating it.  My kids were even taking, and eating, enormous amounts of it!  Best of all it cost me probably $3 to make, including guacamole. (I made homemade guacamole and topped the rice and beans with it.  Extra yum!)

The recipe called for green onions and Italian salad dressing, and I didn't have either on hand.  I left out the salad dressing and used raw red onion in place of the green.  I put the onion out separately, in case it was too much for the kids.

I also didn't have picante, so I used salsa and the little bit of fresh cilantro I had left from my garden.  For the rice I used organic brown rice, which is about 4 times lower in arsenic than regular rice.

The red onion and fresh cilantro totally made the meal.  It was bursting with flavor at every bite!

You can find the recipe at, which is an amazing site for recipe searches.  You can even put in what ingredients you have, and the site will bring up recipes with those ingredients.  Very helpful when you don't know what's for dinner.

For dessert, I used extra rice I had cooked up with the dinner rice, and made this rice pudding recipe, also from Taste of Home. An extra bonus is that every ingredient in it, except the sugar, is super healthy!  

The kids really liked it.  I even used half the sugar that the recipe called for and it still tasted plenty sweet.

Bon Appetite!  :)

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