Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall at the Kemp "Farm"

Recently I was heard saying our home would be perfect, to me, if only we could have a few chickens and a goat.  That goes into the category of things I never thought I'd say.  The goat probably would be too much of a hassle, although they do make great lawn mowers.  The chickens I was out of luck on, until now.  Our city council has voted to allow chicken in residential areas!  Yay!

Ok, I am not totally sure what I am in for, but I have heard nothing but good things from people who do have them.  Maybe 2-3 would be good?  We will see what next spring brings to our urban homestead.

My skinny corn
In the mean time I have loved taking time out of the day to enjoy my organic garden.  Another thing I never thought I'd enjoy doing, gardening.  I have loved it so much that I was tempted to put a chair in the middle of the garden and just sit there.  Though it's a little too close to my neighbors bedroom window to really kick back, I have loved every moment in it.

I'm still a novice gardener, as this is only my third year of doing it.  My fun new addition this year was corn.  It grew to about 8 feet tall, and I loved seeing it peek over the fence at me as I drove in the driveway.

My small 3 by about 15 foot plot contained a good variety of cucumber, lettuce, corn, watermelon, squash, peas, green and red sweet peppers, 5 tomato plants, green beans, habanero peppers (for my hubby who likes his food on fire), cilantro, dill, and basil.

To the great delight of our kids we also have an apple tree that gives us lots of delicious apples for apple pies, apple crisp, and apple sauce.  Last year we had so many apples we canned the applesauce.  Unfortunately this year an early frost allowed only a small amount of the tree to blossom.  On the bright side a lot less bad apples to have to clean up and throw away.

Our "harvest" this year was smaller than past years, probably because of crazy weather, but it was fun.  I did manage to chop and freeze a good supply of basil for winter.  Our kids enjoy seeing all of the plants grow, and I love grabbing organic food right out of my back yard!

I'd love to hear your best gardening tips if you have some!

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