Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caring for Skin Cancer and Warts Naturally

Remember way back to middle school?  I can remember having an aweful planters wart on the bottom side of my foot for two years.  Yuck!  And talk about uncomfortable.  Then there were the creams and bandages that seemed to harm the skin around it more than it did the wart, and the wart still didn't go away!

Not my hand!  LOL
Recently I contracted a couple of very small warts on the bottom of each of my feet.  I am guessing they came from the shower room at the YMCA where I was taking the kids for swimming lessons and had to get in too.  Ahhh the things we do for kids.

So anyhow I ignored them until reading up on some very interesting science, yes I am not opposed to science, I just prefer the natural route.  The article talked about how phytonutrients extracted from eggplant, called BEC5, has shown to destroy skin cancer cells, and warts, without damaging the skin around them.  Hmmm, very interesting.    

Although the remedy started out as an Australia folk remedy, clinical trials and testimonies have confirmed BEC5's efficiency and safety on basal cell and squamous cell cancers.  Since melanoma is the deadliest form of cancer (based on morbidity rate), why don't we look into it.  

You may be saying the same thing that I said at this point.  "Prove it."  I don't want to waste my time on folk lore.  And so back to the small warts on my foot.  There is a commercially available cream  called BEC5 available, but I went old fashioned and made this concoction...

Take one medium sized eggplant and grind it up.  Put it in a glass jar and cover it completely with vinegar.  Put the lid on and put it in the refrigerator.  If you used white vinegar you are able to use the mixture when you see that it has turned brown after about 3 days time.  If you used apple cider vinegar 3 days is also fine.  I used the basic store bought white vinegar. 

"The homemade remedy involves a solution of vinegar and eggplant that extracts the same phyotonutrient glycocides and glycoalkaloids contained in BEC5 directly from the eggplant." (source)

Here are my results...
I put the mixture on my right foot about 2-4 times a day for a week (I may have even missed a day or two in there).  After that time the warts are no longer visible, the surrounding skin has no damage, there is only the small hole in the skin where the wart was that is still healing shut.   
On my left foot I could feel the wart when I step on my foot, just enough to be annoying.  After only two applications in one day I couldn't feel the wart anymore, and there is no damage to the skin.  I got lazy and gave up at this point.  Now after about 2 months I am starting to feel it again and am redoing the process, this time for several days so that it will completely go away.  

There was never any pain of any kind for me, however one user said that if the homemade procedure is painful then it is melanoma under attack.  

What are the alternatives that medicine offers to BEC5?  "The chemo creams often don't work but often do cause ugly, painful side effects. Removing skin cancer tumors surgically usually results with tumors resurfacing sooner or later. Surgeries often leave ugly scars."  (source)

My father recently had some skin cancer spots on his face.  He was given the chemo cream for them and faced 3 weeks of, what my mom described as, painful neurological problems as a result of the cream.  He did seem to get rid of the skin cancer, however there are small scars that are still healing a few months later.

I mentioned this procedure to him and then he went in for some (unrelated) physical therapy.  His physical therapist told him that he had also had skin cancer and had gotten rid of it by using an eggplant cream he had bought online.  

There are many other testimonies out there.  However, drug companies make a lot more money off of chemo creams than they could off of eggplant creams.

What would you try?

This article is for educational purposes only, and shouldn't be taken as medical advice. 


Elle said...

People who have warts and use natural methods of removing them have good success rates

Natalie Kemp said...

Elle I prefer to try the natural way first too. So much better than the nasty side effects of medications.

Natalie Kemp said...

Elle I prefer to try the natural way first too. So much better than the nasty side effects of medications.

Anonymous said...


Adam Guinness said...

Not long ago i developed a few minuscule genital warts on the bottom of each and every associated with our toes. I am betting many people originated from the bath with the YMCA in which We had been acquiring the children for boating training in addition to was required to join also. Ahhh the things many of us do for youngsters.