Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baked Oatmeal

Photo from Nourished Kitchen.com
This delicious dish is so good that everyone in my family actually agrees on it!  It is loaded with healthy ingredients that get your day started off right, and will keep you full for a good while.  The nuts add protein, fiber and omega-3's pack in a good dose of healthy.  The steel cut oats will keep you full much longer than instant oatmeal does, and the hidden bits of fruit are a joy to bite into and savor!

We substitute almonds for the walnuts, as our youngest isn't supposed to have tree nuts.  And if you aren't sure how much a pound of oats comes out to, I put in about 2 7/8- 3 cups of dried oats.  Feel free to substitute the variety of dried fruit as well.  Raisins are a nice change up, and taste good with the apricots.

This is a fantastic meal for school weeks as it makes enough for 3 meals for our hearty eating family of 5.  We love it with vanilla yogurt over top, and sometimes (ok all the time!) with maple syrup too! Yummy!!!

It takes 45 minutes to bake and some prep time for soaking the oats.  The reason for soaking the oats it that soaking and the dehydrating them (or cooking in the oven) allows for blocked nutrients to be released, and you get even more of what you paid for!

If it's helpful time wise you can soak the oats starting in the morning and bake it a couple hours before you go to be at night.  We love it warm or cold, but it is a bit better warm.  :)  Enjoy!

Click here for the recipe from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen!

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