Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I Shop at Trader Joe's

Many people who know me keep asking me why I shop at Trader Joe's.  So why do I love doing my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's?  Let me count the ways!
They have standards for all products bearing the Trader Joe's name:
         No GMO's                    No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives

         No MSG                       No Added Trans Fat
There is a wonderfully wide variety of Trader Joe labeled products to choose from, from tomato sauce, to coconut oil, to breads and cereals, to cheeses, and all with this great guarantee!

Ingredients:  Corn Flour, Water...  That's it!
I know, from doing a lot of label reading and some research, what some of the crazy sounding ingredients are that come up on packaged foods now a days.  The great thing about Trader Joe's is my brain can take a vacation, because every ingredient on every label is very obvious as to what it is, ie. flour, eggs, sugar, etc.  I love taking a quick look at the label and breathing a sigh of relief that I know exactly what I am purchasing.

Although Trader Joe's isn't a health food store (their main priority is to be a fun place to shop, seriously!), they carry many items I would buy at a health food store, but with much lower prices.  Some examples are organic jelly, GMO-free organic chips, healthy cereals, organic coconut oil, $0.59 organic peaches, and vitamins.  Raw milk cheese, organic oranges, and hand-made wheat tortillas are items I get there that I can't easily get other places, at least not without paying a lot more.

Find the bunny.  Sometimes I need to take my 3 kids with me when I am shopping.  They love to go to Trader Joe's because they get to find the bunnies.  Everyday two stuffed bunnies are hidden in different places in the store where they can be found.  Instead of distracting me while I am trying to shop, they are looking for the bunnies.  When we get to the register, as long as the kids can tell where at least one of the bunnies is, they can have a piece of candy from a treasure box.  How cool is that for a kid!?

So Trader Joe's is fun, has high standards for the food they are selling me, and has great prices on the items I want to be buying.  That is why I stock up there, and that's why my cart gets so full people's mouths have literally dropped open at the site of it.  That is why I Love Trader Joe's!


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Natalie Kemp said...

I almost forgot. For those of you who are considering raw milk, but don't want to do the driving to get it, there is a slightly different option available at Trader Joe's. All of their milk is lightly pasturized, which presumably may mean that it retains more of the nutrients that fully pasturized milk from a grocery store. :)