Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do Vaccines Cause SIDS?

I have always vaccinated my children, as that seemed like the right thing to do.  I never questioned that there could be a possibility of it causing one of them harm.  When I started reading about what is behind vaccines, ie. what other materials are in them, what studies have shown concerning them, I became even more afraid.  As the guardians of our children it falls on my husband and I to make the safest and best choices for our children on their behalf.  So there is this question now of what is the safest option for our children?  Perhaps the answer is unexpectedly getting clearer.

Do Vaccines Cause SIDS?

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Did you know that until about 40 years ago women were getting x-rays while pregnant?  To find out what that has to do with this story read on by clicking here to read Heather's article.

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Natalie Kemp said...

Perhaps a worthy additional point is that waiting till the child is older to receive a vaccine is a workable option. In Japan they have raised the age for starting to get vaccines to 2 years old.