Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Off the Sugar!

  It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I stopped eating sugar.  It actually started 2 1/2 weeks before that, but it took
me that long to stop saying "one more bit, I'll start tomorrow".  Well tomorrow was never coming so I took
a hard plunge.  Day one was a baby shower with cake and treats, followed by a date night with my hubby
that night.  Survived.  Next day was a rare girl's night out, where I'd usually enjoy a really great desert. 
Survived.  I figured since I made it through all that I'd better keep going so that my hard fought effort
wouldn't be wasted.  Since then success!!! 
I had a great revelation on about the 3rd or 4th day, I started to have more energy.  This was very
unexpected since I haven't exercised any more and haven't gotten ANY extra sleep.  So as far as I can
figure it was ONLY from me no longer eating sugar.  Yay!  I'll take that. 
It took about the first 2 weeks but the cravings are about 98% gone now.  For those who don't know our
taste buds actually renew themselves.  It takes about 2-4 weeks for the taste buds to renew, so changing
what you eat for 2-4 weeks things will change as far as what you crave.  When I did this a year or two ago I
loved Snickers bars.  My favorite treat!  After 2-3 weeks of no sweets I ate a Snickers bar and it was so
disgustingly sweet.  I almost couldn't stand to eat it.  After eating more and more sweets my taste buds
dulled to the taste and it became less sweet again.  That's the power of taste bud renewal!

So I consider this a major step towards anyone starting a cleanse.  In about 1-2 weeks I'll be kicking off my
first juice cleanse.  I have been researching alot of different cleanses out there, as there are ALOT to look
through.  So here's the low down... many of them I consider aggressive to an unhealthy extent (or at the least
unpleasant).  Others I knew would be very effective and healthy, but would drag on for two long (1-3
months), and I'd risk not being able to follow thru for that long.  That left me with... nothing. 

Until I watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead"  on Netflix.  A fun documentary on a guy who eats nothing but
fresh juiced vegetable and fruit juice for 60 days.  Short story is his body heals itself.  That's what I am
interested in is a cleanse that not only cleanses the junk out of me but also has healing benefits. 

From all that I have researched the conclusion that I am coming to is that when we take the foods and toxins
that burden our body out, and put pure healthy fruits and veggies in, then healing follows.  Enemas seem to
be helpful if someone needs extra healing.  (Check out the Gerson Diet if you are dealing with cancer at

I borrow a juicer, now as soon as I can afford the bit of extra cost, since juicing goes thru alot of fruit and
veggies, then I'll get started.  For anyone who wants to check out this cleanse and see if it would work for
you then check out
It looks like they may have the full movie available for viewing now too. 

Let me know if you have questions!  :)


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