Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let the Feast Begin, the Cleanse is Over!

I have gained more from this last week of juice fasting than I think I can even put into words.  The unplanned benefit of a greater sense of self discipline is a perk in itself. 

Sooooo I am eating real food again!  Yay!  It's really hard watching people eat foods I LOVE and sit there drinking juice.  I am so grateful and happy that I challenged myself with the cleanse and have reaped the great benefits of it for myself, and so that I can encourage others.  I am sure I will do it again one day.  I would like to keep juicing several times a week as I think it's the best vitamin out there.

That being said I am ready to chow down.  Pacing myself is very necessary so that my body doesn't freak out.  This morning I ate a bowl of my usual cereal.  There was a little bit of guilt in eating regular food which I thought was funny.  I juiced for lunch.  Snack time came and I was conflicted as to what I wanted to do.  To juice or to eat.  So I just ate a few grapes.

The remainder of my lunch juice was ment to be my dinner, but I forgot to take it when we went to a birthday party.  But it worked out as I ended up eating a plate of raw veggies and some watermelon. 

Then came night time "snack time" after the kids were in bed, and I wanted food.  Guacamole, chips, salsa, applesauce, and then... chips with cheese on them!  Yummm! 

It may not sounds like it but I am seriously holding back.  I may not look like it but I love food!  To try and limit the possibility of feeling sick, overly tired, and headaches from reintroducing foods too fast I have to watch it.  No meat, very little dairy (probably should have waited on that, but cheese is almost my favorite food), and no sweets or sweet beverages for a few days.

After seeing what amazing benefits can come from eating such a pure diet I would love to incorporate even more vegetables into what I already eat.  Check out this link for some great ideas!

I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions on cleanses!

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