Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Make Awesome Homemade Lotion

Making lotion only requires 3 ingredients, but can take a little practice.  To read why it's so important to protect our skin check out my previous post on how to make deodorant.

This one I made with Olive Oil, if you prefer
whiter lotion simply use coconut oil instead.
To make lotion you only need three ingredients... bees wax, olive or coconut oil, and a cup of tea or water.  That's it!

This fabulous recipe is available here from Heather at mommypotamus.

To make this easier I've made a video showing you how I make the lotion.  My 6 year old watched it and said "well that looks easy".  :)

The result is a smooth nice feeling lotion.  I have given this lotion to several people as gifts and they go crazy over it.  It is really fantastic lotion!

I've got to be honest it can be hard to make it work correctly sometimes, but making sure the ingredients are the same temperature is key.  Also don't make by an open window, I have found it to create temperature problems.

For some extra fun check out this link on how to make your lotion into sunscreen by adding only 1 ingredient!   Both the lotion and sunscreen have worked great for my whole family!   :)

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