Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5 of Nothing but Juice

For the last 5 days I haven't had anything to eat but juice (except 1 bite of cheese and a couple bites of avocado on day 1).  All I've had is vegetables and fruits that have been juiced.

The biggest surprise was how much I have battled mentally wanting to eat.  With few exceptions I am just as full all day drinking the "juice", as I would be eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day like I normally do.  I haven't even really been craving foods, it has been more the mental battle of "shouldn't I be eating" and "it's time for my snack".  That kind of stuff.  TV commercials that show food are only slightly torturous.

So WHY would I keep doing this diet?  I feel AMAZING!!!! No kidding!  You know that joke people always say where they wish they had as much energy as a kid?  Well not only have I had that much, I have more!  I got so much done today I was like the Energizer bunny.  (That on less than the 4 hours of lousy sleep I got last night.)

I do plan on eating regular food either tomorrow or the next day.  It is hard to say when to stop, but I do miss eating food.  I am going to eat mostly, if not all, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds the first few days to keep some momentum going.  It should also keep my body from feeling awful as I reintroduce regular food.

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