Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let the Cleanse Begin!

I finally took the difficult plunge and started my vegetable and fruit juice cleanse yesterday.  The Reboot Plan is treating me pretty well.  Yesterday I started out with an easy breakfast of a fruit smoothie from the blender. I took one last yummy bite of cheese (one of my favorite foods :) and have had nothing but juice and water since then.

My "meals" have consisted of blends of fruits and vegetables that have gone through a juicer.  (To find out why use a juicer instead of a blender click here.)  I've got to tell you the first one I made was pretty awful.  I had added too much ginger, which I am not big on anyhow, and had to gag down both my lunch and dinner mixture. 

For those who don't know, I have been off sugar for about 5 weeks prior to this so it would be a smoother transition.  (To see how the beginning went click here.)  That worked out great! My taste buds have had a chance to renew themselves, which takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  Food actually tastes stronger and sweeter now. 

I confess to two times of sugar, one where my blood sugar was getting low as we walked around Stillwater looking for a restaurant.  When we finally sat down I ordered a Sprite to kick it up, then realized I could have ordered an oj.  Oh well.  Refrained on the refill at least.  The other was a tiny taste of my hubby's Dr Pepper which he was enjoying in front of me.  LOL.

What do I expect and hope to have happen with all of this?   I am hoping for my skin to clear up (being in my 30's with acne is getting old), for my mind to seem clearer, for my energy level to increase, for my insides to get cleaned out and healthy (check my first post for info), and perhaps a more reaching hope, or maybe not, is to be able to reduce to amount of medicine I am taking for hypothyroidism.  I hate being on any kind of meds.

Working with the Reboot Plan my first "juice" is from their recipe called Mean Green Juice. 

To make it just juice:
1 bunch of kale                                                        
4 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
2 granny smith apples
1/2 a lemon
ginger root

The Reboot site has a lot of recipes, I am starting with their basic one.  They also have a few plans you can choose from so that you are more likely to succeed.

Where I ran into trouble with this all began in the grocery store.  Because of bad weather this year and last organic apples are very expensive right now.  So I had to buy about half as many as I wanted to.  For the recipe I added only 1 apple, instead of 2, and having to guess on the the ginger root I put in almost more than I could stomach.

When I was getting out of bed today I was actually dreading drinking that "stuff" again.  I mean almost didn't get out of bed kind of dreading.  Determined to make a good start to the day I cheated a small amount with some Green Machine Naked juice smoothie.  The same ideas as what I am drinking as it is only fruits and vegetables that have been juiced, but since they aren't fresh it isn't quite the same.  That aside it made for a good start to my day.

Next I made a large batch of juice that covered me for lunch, dinner and a snack.  This time I added the same ingredients as above (times 2) but left out the lemon and ginger root.  I also replaced the extra apple I had needed with an organic pear, added about 6 large carrots, and 2 parsnips.  Now this mixture tasted much better.  Pretty much like celery juice, but very drinkable.  My 4 year old likes it so that's saying something.

Tomorrow I will try to add the lemon and a small amount of ginger back in, as I am sure they're good for internal cleansing. 

The first couple days are a detox time.  That means I am trying not to be too irritable with my lovely family.  This is all normal.  I believe that I am feeling a bit more energetic already.  It is a little hard to tell as I was woken up more times than I can count last night.  Lots of severe thunderstorms and children getting woken up don't make for restful nights.  I have been able to get a lot done energy wise today though, so maybe there's improvement going on.

Do I miss regular food?  Yes and no.  The idea of food is a little tormenting.  Pizza is sounding amazing right now.  However, at the same time I am full and truly not physically craving anything.  Surprisingly the juice does keep me full almost as much as a meal would.  The real challenge is in my brain where the idea of what my brain thinks I should be eating is still raging.  That being said I am confident I can make it for 5-7 total days of this. 

After the cleanse it is important to eat only fruits and vegetables for a few day to ease the body back into a regular diet.  Good luck and let me know if you have questions!

Disclaimer-  Women who are pregnant or nursing, and people with weakened immune systems, shouldn't do any kind of fasting or cleanses.  Consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet. 

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