Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blenders Vs. Juicers

To blender or to juicer, that is the question!

Let's start with the blender...  Blenders are most commonly used for smoothies, soups, and salsa.  If you want to make these items then the blender is the device for you.  I prefer to make fruit smoothies, and lots of them!  Yum!!!

Blenders leave the fiber in with the fruits and vegetables giving you the vitamins, minerals, and healthy benefits of the fiber.  For an extra healthy dose in your drink check out Blend it and Mend it (recommended by my friend Brianna :), where recipes include vegetables too.

If you are looking for a blender the Vitamix is a very popular choice.  At over $400 it's out of most people's budgets though.  For a blender that is rated about as good, and still rocks, check out the Ninja Professional Series 1000. at about $100 it's a great deal.  For extra savings use one of those 20% off coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond to lower the price even further!

So why go juicer if blenders are all that?  Excellent question... Juicers strip the fiber out of the fruits and vegetables, primarily leaving just the vitamins and mineral for consumption.  This is helpful because fiber can inhibit the absorption of some of the vitamins and mineral.  Basically when you juice you are left with a concentrated shot of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, and with the fiber out of the way the nutrients are more readily absorbed.

Many studies have shown that occasional juicing can provide great health benefits for seemingly everyone.  Who benefits even more from a juicer are people who are in need of physical healing, and possibly weight loss.  Check out The Reboot Plan for info on weight loss, and possible health benefits.  The Gerson diet (which came about through the studies of Dr. Max Gerson)  has shown amazing healing benefits for people who were even sent home to die from cancer.  The diet has been shown to cure many ailments.  A primary part of that diet is the juicing of raw, organic, fruits and vegetables.  Here is some recent evidence of  a raw, vegan diet shrinking breast cancer tumors.

When purchasing a juicer you want to look for one that squeezes as much of the moisture out as possible from the fruits and veggies.  The drier the pulp the better.  Good juicers can be over a thousand dollars.  For a more reasonably priced, and still good quality juicer, check out the Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor (GSE-5000) at $539, or give the Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer a try at $252. 

Smoothie recipes coming soon!!! :)


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